Why visit HabitaFeira?   

HabitaFeira is the perfect moment for the end consumer to have knowledge and contact with a wide variety of services and products for the small projects they want to do or the dream home they have been looking forward to for a long time. 

It is also the ideal destination for construction and real estate enthusiasts, offering a unique fusion of networking, updating and inspiration. 

Dynamic Networking 

Join a passionate community of industry professionals, investors and entrepreneurs in the first edition of HabitaFeira. This event provides a conducive environment to expand your network of contacts, establish strategic partnerships and explore new business opportunities. Connect with market leaders, exchange valuable insights and establish lasting relationships that will propel your career or business to new heights.

Constant Update 

Keep up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the world of construction and real estate at HabitaFeira. With a comprehensive program of talks, workshops and exhibitions, this event is the ideal place to update your knowledge on the latest property developments, advances in building materials and inspiring designs. Be prepared to absorb valuable information that will boost your professional practice and keep you competitive in a constantly evolving market.

Sustainable Inspiration 

Explore a multitude of inspiring designs and sustainable solutions that are shaping the future of construction and real estate at HabitaFeira. Discover how sustainability is not just a standard, but a source of creativity and progress. Join us at the first edition of HabitaFeira and embark on a journey of networking, updating and inspiration that will transform your vision of the future of construction and real estate. Come be part of this unparalleled experience and elevate your knowledge and practice to new horizons. 

How to get? 

Located in Santa Maria da Feira, Europarque is easily accessible via the main road accesses. If you are traveling on the A1, take the exit for Europarque (exit 24) and follow the signs. If you are traveling on the A29, exit towards Espargo/Santa Maria da Feira (exit 12) and follow the signs for Europarque. 

Getting to Europarque is easy and convenient, ensuring a hassle-free visit to this important events center in Santa Maria da Feira.

Europarque | Rua Interior do Europarque, 4520-153 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal 

GPS: Latitude 40.927525 Longitude -8.575778 

Tel.: (+351) 256 370 600 | E-mail: info@europarque.pt


30km from the city of Porto 

280km from Lisbon 

250km from the Galicia region (ES) 

Direct connection to Highways A1, A29, A41 and A25 


40 minutes from Porto International Airport 

2H00 from the main European capitals 


20 minutes from Espinho Train Station